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TEEAP On-Line Evaluation of Professional Development Workshops

These two online surveys below were developed to address professional development requirements from PDE.

Professional Development Feedback

Survey One is to be completed by attendees of a conference, workshop or professional development session. This provides feedback to TEEAP and PDE by the attendees regarding the value of the session. 

  • Professional Development Survey
    • A paper version of this survey may be provided by the presenter at the end of the session and can be used instead of the online survey.

The first survey is a review of standards addressed by students as related to a technology workshop or in-service presentation:

Evaluation of Student Performance

Survey Two is an opportunity for teachers to evaluate the success of the workshop or professional development session after using workshop curriculum with their students.

This survey is more open ended and provides the teacher opportunity to make an evaluation of the success of workshop curriculum through various means: improved test scores, improved standardized tests or other classroom or national benchmarks.

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