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Safety Guides & Information

The Pennsylvania Department of Education has taken the former TEEAP Safety Guide and updated it to have a better correlation to the Pennsylvania Academic Standards for Science and Technology and Engineering. We have been asked by Pennsylvania Department of Education to make the Safety Guide available on our website. The files below are available for download and printing in Adobe Acrobat format only.

In addition, there is a link to a the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) website where you can find safety information and manuals concerning most of the topics you might cover in your Technology Education curriculum and facilities.  This site offers not only manuals, but also some online safety training information. In addition to a link to the main OSHA site, a list of a few of the important Technology & Engineering Education related items has been provided for you.

PDE Safety Guide

  • Pennsylvania Safety Guide for Elementary and Technology Education Teachers (PDF)
    • This Safety Guide is intended to alert technology education teachers, teacher educators, school administrators and technology education supervisors to the importance of a strong safety program.  It is also intended to provide the instructional resources for instituting safety instruction in the public schools, for the in-service training of technology education teachers and for the education of undergraduates in the teacher education programs of Pennsylvania.
    • Disclaimer - This Safety Guide is intended to be a convenient reference for Elementary and Technology Education teachers. The Pennsylvania Department of Education has carefully considered applicable industry practices in the development of this guide.  However, the standards provided herein are by no means absolute. The Department hereby disclaims all liability incurred through the use of this document.

OSHA Resources

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