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2023 TEEAP-STEM Conference Special Interest Sessions

Application to Present a Special Interest Session

TEEAP is seeking Special Interest Session presentations for the 2023 TEEAP-STEM Conference.

The call for presentations will close on September 5, 2023

Presenters: Those interested in presenting are encouraged to apply using the form below.

Presenters must register for and attend the 2023 TEEAP-STEM Conference at Millersville University on October 19 & 20, 2023. Accepted presenters will receive a $20 discount code for their conference registration. This discount code is for conference attendees and is not available for vendors or sponsors.

Theme and Strands: The theme for the 2023 TEEAP-STEM Conference is Innovate - Integrate - Motivate. To support our theme, all Special Interest Sessions should fall within one of the three strands below.

Strand 1: INNOVATE (50 minute or 20 minute sessions)

The study of technology and engineering is ever-changing and evolving. This evolution encompasses both entirely new fields and technologies as well as innovations within traditional contexts of technology and engineering education. Sessions in this strand should showcase innovative techniques, strategies, and technologies for the classrooms of today and tomorrow.

Strand 2: INTEGRATE (50 minute or 20 minute sessions)

There is great power in the ability of technology and engineering educators to use and apply concepts from a wide variety of fields of study. Approaches such as cross-curricular and co-curricular programs (STEM, STEAM, STREAM), Problem-Based Learning (PBL), inquiry-based learning, and experiential learning can significantly affect what is taught and how it is learned. Sessions in this strand should showcase integrative teaching and learning methods aimed at building technological and engineering literacy in students.

Strand 3: MOTIVATE (50 minute or 20 minute sessions)

Teaching and learning does not occur within a bubble. As such, it is greatly impacted by outside forces affecting both students and teachers. Our schools are dealing with large issues in motivating and engaging all learners toward achievement and success. Additionally, we face teacher shortages beyond what we have seen in recent history. Sessions within this strand should provide strategies for motivating students toward academic and future success. Sessions may also address motivating educators of tomorrow.

Application to Present a Special Interest Session

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