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ITEEA/TEEAP Teacher Excellence Award

The Teacher Excellence Award is one of the highest honors given to Technology and Engineering Education classroom teachers and is presented in recognition of their outstanding contributions to the profession and their students. The Teacher Excellence Award provides public recognition on a local state level through Technology & Engineering Education Association of Pennsylvania (TEEAP) and is presented at the Annual TEEAP Conference. In addition, if the recipient meets the criteria to be forwarded to International Technology & Engineering Educators Association (ITEEA), these programs also receive recognition on an national and international level. The honoree is then also formally presented with an engraved plaque and other recognition at ITEEA's Annual Conference.

Send award nominations to:  Scott Farmer, TEEAP Awards Chair - Email

Application for this Award:

Eligibility Requirements

Candidates for this award must be an member of the International Technology & Engineering Educators Association (ITEEA) when nominated and shall have maintained continuous membership for at least two years prior to nomination. They must also be a be a member of the Technology & Engineering Education Association of Pennsylvania (TEEAP) when nominated and shall have maintained continuous membership for at least three years prior to nomination for the award.

The recipient will be selected on the basis of his or her demonstrated abilities in the classroom and should be perceived by peers and colleagues as a superior teacher. They should be committed to continuing professional development and contribute to the profession through on-going service. In order to be considered, applicants must teach technology and engineering education (K-12) and spend at least 50% of his or her time as a classroom teacher. 

Nominations may be initiated by anyone including the staff or administration of a school district as well as parents, community members, or other individuals from outside of the school district. However, the application must be completed by the nominated teacher to be considered for this award.

Time Line

If a teacher is nominated by an peer, community member, parent, or student they will be contacted upon TEEAP's receipt of that nomination and requested to complete the application forms above. If a teacher wishes to self-nominate, they may begin the application process by completing the application forms above and submit materials prior to August 30.

Recipients of this award programs are expected to attend the annual TEEAP Conference to receive the state award at the annual conference awards luncheon. They are also requested to provide an Special Interest Session presenting some aspect of their program at the annual TEEAP conference. Contact will be made by the TEEAP Conference Exhibits Chairperson prior to the conference to arrange these sessions. It is also expected that the award recipient will attend the ITEEA conference in the following spring to receive the international award assuming that their application qualifies to be forwarded to ITEEA.

The recipients school district is encouraged to handle the public relations with their local newspapers. If the local district cannot handle this activity, please contact the TEEAP Public Relations chair.

Past Recipients of the Teacher Excellence Award

Prior to 2005, this award was presented to one individual at the Elementary, Middle, or High School level. During the 2006-07 award cycle, TEEAP began to present the award to individuals from one or more levels each year to increase recognition of professionals in our state.

1962-63 - William J. Wilkinson

1963-64 - Elmer J. Hemberger

1964-65 - William C. Bohn

1965-66 - Edward Kabakjian

1966-67 - Joseph L. Kennedy

1967-68 - Charles L. Schegel

1968-69 - Richard A. Long

1969-70 - Lambert K. Sailer

1970-71 - Paul A. Kube

1971-72 - William H. Skelly

1972-73 - Curtis W. Gable

1973-74 - John Fisher

1974-75 - Ralph Hamilton

1975-76 - Paul Matter

1976-77 - Francis Spickler

1977-78 - Vergil Taylor

1978-79 - Alan Klaich

1979-80 - Bernard Singer

1980-81 - Donald Hoffman

1981-82 - John Brown

1982-83 - Kermit Lyman

1983-84 - Ronald Burns

1984-85 - Bruce Cook

1985-86 - Olan W. Sterback

1986-87 - Byron Race

1987-88 - Dan Piesik

1988-89 - Lester C. Thayer

1989-90 - Thomas Ridge

1991-92 - Eugene Cestrone

1992-93 - David Hortman

1993-94 - Tim Vermillion

1994-95 - William Waddington

1996-97 - Charles Kirchner

1997-98 - Terry Crissey

1998-99 - Wayne Dallas

1999-00- Michael Amrhein

2000-01 - Ed Frescoln

2001-02 - Kevin E. Stover

2002-03 - Mike Flowers

2003-04 - Kenneth Andrus

2004-05 - Rick Zilla

2005-06 - Bill H. Hughes

2006-07 - Jared Bitting & Mark Piotrowski

2007-08 - Ron Shealer & Mike Boyer

2008-09 - Sandy Cavanaugh, Lauren Lapinski & 
               Mike Choroneko

2009-10 - Ed Hine & Steven Drake

2010-11 - Joanne Trombley & John Hoch 

2011-12 - Jocelyn Long, Tanner Huffman, & Michael Voicheck

2012-13 - Jared Bitting & Hal Lafever

2013-14 - Todd Kennedy & Troy Alesi

2014-15 - Nicholas Crowther, Jeffrey Seamans, & Scott Didra

2015-16 - John McDonald & Curt Reichwein

2016-17 - Kari Bennett, Jeff Conner, & Kaylia Austin

2017-18 - Joshua Pennington & Bradley Fessler

2018-19 - Dr. Jessica Redcay, Guy Raines &
               Michael Berkeihiser

2019-20 - Tyler Frantz, Caleb Mathias, & Eric Beiler

2020-21 - Matthew Peitzman

2021-22 - Korbin Shearer & Jason Zalno

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